What should you post on social media?

Currently millions of people are scrolling across their timeline on different social media channels. Some kind of activity. The young people behind school grew up with it and don’t know any better.

And those young people, they’re going to be your customers!

You shouldn’t sell on social media at all. They are not on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn. There is still room for discussion about the latter.

People are social beings and like to be involved. Or entertains. They are curious. They want to know why you do something, and how you do it… not what you do.

Behind the scenes.

Buying via social media? Nobody thinks about that. A product or service does not sell quickly. But do you show what you do behind the scenes? Then they are there to follow you, react or like you! So don’t keep social media at a distance.

Take time every day to take photos of certain scenes that take place within your organisation. Do you see a team coach helping a team member? Take a picture!

Is it secretary day? Put her in the spotlight first and then “CLICK“. And a birthday boy? That’s a photo shoot…

This way you create brand awareness. They see you pass by regularly, they know you by now and your branding gets a big boost.

By regularly posting a look behind the scenes, you radiate confidence to both your potential client and your employees. If they buy… they also know why ????.

Bring your newbee to light

Speaking of “behind the scenes”… show what team you’re so proud of.

A new one? That’s post-worthy. An employee promoted? Say cheese!

Posts that are about your employees, entertaining.

Even vacancies get filled faster. Who knows how long your perfect match will spy on you, waiting for a vacancy.

Ask for opinions

Social media is fun but it stops with too little interaction. Involve your target group on the basis of questions.

Posts in which you ask for opinions have two major advantages:

1) You ensure that your target group has a certain sense of responsibility.

2) You receive reactions on an ongoing basis. Friends of friends of friends of friends see your post. Your company name stands out and new potential customers follow you!

Show reviews

Do you regularly satisfy your customers?

Post photos and videos of customers with a before and after story. They tell about previous pain points and why your product or service was the ideal solution.

Reviews = reliability

Post a future event

Is there a team outing planned?


Your target group wants to know EVERYTHING. The more the better.

Look back to the event

Of course you look back on such a fantastic day.

Take funny photos and videos at the event and use them afterwards on different social media channels.

Your target group likes and reacts faster when they’re having fun. And remember? The friends of the friends of the friends of the friends of the friends of the friends will see your mail.


Every business has its story. So does yours.

Share your story in the form of video, blog or audio (podcast).

Your target audience is interested in why you do something and doesn’t like a blowjaw that tells you how good it is.

Post themed content

Take part in various themes. The national holidays, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Funny Day; April 1st.

A creative centipede is 100% at home here.

Turn into a clown on April 1st and launch winnings with Mother’s or Father’s Day.

By ’theme’ we also mean the four seasons.

Just be creative!

Give tips and tricks

People like to receive value. They don’t want to be overwhelmed with sales pitches that end with “Order now” or “Buy right away”.

The golden marketing rule is to give value. FREE value. Make sure you give enough tips in the form of different types of content.

You are seen as an expert and your target group appreciates this. Two birds with one stone. Besides, who do you think they buy from? An expert or someone they’ve never seen?

Making a purchase doesn’t happen in 1 2 3. First they want to know, and then…

Not yet…

First you have to trigger 7x before you hook a fish!

The number ‘7’ is the magic marketing number. Your potential customer only buys after he has been triggered 7 times.

All on to that 7!

Ask questions

For example, you’re a designer and you don’t know which design you like best.

Design a or design b. Ask your target group.

Not only to give your potential client a sense of responsibility, but also so that you get to know your target group and so that your design is viewed from a different perspective.

That’s the only way to win.

Publish your weekly blog

“Weekly blog?”

Don’t tell me you’re not blogging yet, huh? A blog increases the findability of your company, creates more leads and therefore more customers.