Outsource social media

At a time when companies are focusing more and more on their core business, it is not surprising that expressions to the outside world are also increasingly being outsourced.

Because tell yourself, as a company, can or do you want to keep up with all these new platforms in order to raise your profile or interest the right people? Time to call in specialists who have made this their core business!

Outsource social media! Why?

One of the most important considerations when using social media is to generate more awareness.

The combination of your own market knowledge and the fresh look of a party ‘from outside’ often produces surprising insights that allow you to ‘reinvent’ yourself and your organisation from scratch.

Services that you may now see as a commodity are suddenly made sexy again and you show that you are distinctive. Also specific recurring expressions, such as the consistent use of logos, or slogans help you to generate publicity!

Involvement with your target group

There are different types of social media channels. The best known are Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. The latter is more for a B2B business.

Your potential customers are somewhere in between. And being present on the right platform ensures reactions from your desired target group.

For example, by periodically writing a blog, you start to interest people. Just think of the impact of simply sharing a message on, for example, Facebook or LinkedIn. A good story goes viral! A nice photo, gets a lot of ‘likes’ and a funny video gets a lot of reactions.

A look behind the scenes

If you’re still trying to interest new customers and employees in your company or organization, make sure you’re transparent.

Show what your company stands for and what your core values are. People are curious by nature. We all want to know as much as possible.

So regular posts about your team, etc. are more than welcome.

Show your company culture to potential employees

The most important thing from a company to (new) customers and employees is an appealing company culture.

Here, too, what is normal for you is very special for someone else. The best thing that can happen to you as a company is that you receive open applications because they find out on social media how much fun it is to work for you. They want to belong!

Gaining trust

On the basis of the above, it goes without saying that you quickly create trust among your customers and employees.

By transparently providing insight into your organization, you radiate trust without knowing it.

Your visibility is skyrocketing!

Social media is no longer an option, but requires a thorough and professional approach. Weekly posting for example. Do you have time for that?

That’s what I thought.

You have to post at least three posts/week to maintain your visibility. Don’t you do this? You’ll soon forget again. So stay up to date!

And yes…

Not everyone has the same appetite or knowledge for this. So… ready to outsource social media? Time is f* money!