Cheap tips to save during a move

Is there a move planned? Then chances are you want to move as cheaply as possible. Although the number of removals in the Netherlands will have decreased in 2020 compared to 2019, we are seeing an interesting increase in young people between the ages of 20 and 30 who have moved. This is not very strange: people in this age category often decide to live on their own, move in together or buy a house. Let it also be precisely the group that often does not yet have a great capacity to furnish a completely new house with new furniture or to hire an expensive moving company during the move. That’s why we’ve collected some handy tips in this article that will help you move as cheaply as possible.

Do you opt for a removal company or do you do everything yourself?

Do you want to keep the costs of moving as low as possible? In that case, it’s best to arrange your move yourself. Drum up a few friends, colleagues or family members and get to work. Hire a large bus or see if there is someone you can borrow a van from. Keep in mind, however, that time is seen as money. Chances are that you are less likely to be able to make a move than a professional moving company. That is why it is important to weigh up for yourself whether the time you spend on the move outweighs the speed of a moving company. It is always advisable to check what options are available with regard to a moving company in your area. We always recommend that you compare several removal companies so that you can find the best offer. Such a company has often done a move within a few hours, which can save you a lot of time. But: when it really is about saving money and not time, moving yourself is recommended at the lowest possible cost.

Moving cheaply? Prepare yourself well for “Verhuisbedrijf Den Haag”

People who want to move cheaply need to be prepared. Therefore, plan your move a few weeks, and if possible a few months in advance. This is especially the case when you hire a moving company: hiring such a company at the last minute is often more expensive than having it planned on time. This not only saves you money, but also a lot of stress. Did you know that you can also hire a removal company whose employees only move the furniture, boxes and bags? That’s a lot cheaper than when you choose a company that helps you to dismantle furniture, pack boxes etcetera. So make sure you have a few weeks before you move now and then to sort out some stuff, pack boxes and take furniture apart.

Sell stuff you are not taking with you

A move is the perfect time to check out your personal belongings. It saves a lot of time (and therefore money) when you don’t have to move a lot of your belongings with you. So before you move, check out what you really need to do with your belongings and what you can live without. Chances are that you still have some things or clothes that can go with you for a second life. When you start sorting out your things in time, you can choose to sell these kinds of items online. This way you’ll earn an extra penny that you can use again when you move house. Win-win situation. Also try to save on sending packages with items that people have bought. For example, have them come by to pick up the products or opt for cheap parcel shipping. That way, both parties will be happy with the sale. Tags: Verhuisbedrijf Rotterdam