How to buy gold

With the question of how to buy gold we mean in the first place that you should always opt to buy physical gold. It is important to understand that there are currently still two markets within the gold world. You have the physical market and you have the paper market. When you buy physical gold, this means that you get the gold physically in your hands or in 100% ownership. By paper gold is meant, a gold certificate, a claim on gold and some even think that when they invest in gold mine stocks they invest in gold. With most paper gold investments, however, you do not have physical gold in your hands and the underlying gold is not your property. You can move with such investments along with the price of gold, but when the financial markets explode and you would like to have the physical underlying gold delivered, this is not possible. So the answer to the question of goud kopen is ALWAYS buy physical gold.

how to buy gold

Usually this is also because the underlying physical gold is not actually present against such investments. This can be a problem when things really go wrong with the financial markets and if a new crisis breaks out. At such moments everybody suddenly wants to get their hands on the physical gold and nobody wants paper gold at that moment. As a result, the paper gold will have little or no value at that moment. Simply because there will be a lot of supply on the market but no demand for paper gold. At that moment the paper market separates itself from the physical gold market. Physical gold, on the other hand, will increase in value at such moments, for the same reason that paper gold will decrease in value, but the other way around. There will be a lot of demand for physical gold and little supply, so prices will rise.

In addition, it is important when you buy physical gold, always do so by account transfer. In Belgium it is even forbidden to buy gold with cash money above 3.000 €. The chance that you will be scammed with cash payments is very high, because you usually don’t have an official proof of payment. People with less good intentions usually engage in interesting gold sales at very good prices with cash payments. Don’t be tempted to do this.

Also make sure that you buy from recognised legal companies that have permission to offer physical gold on the market. You can check this with the Belgian Royal Mint. Or you can ask the selling party for proof of this.
Also check whether the company you are buying from has a solid history in the sale of gold and silver. Do not take any risks.

As a last point, it is best to inquire before you buy whether the gold you buy has an LBMA certificate ( for gold bars ) or is from legally recognized mint houses ( for gold coins ) and the coins are recognized as legal tender.

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