What is SEO copywriting?

SEO copywriting means writing relevant texts focused on keywords that you want to be found in Google. This technique is part of search engine optimization. Search engine research shows that copywrting is a very determining factor for a web page to be ranked well in Google. Good relevant content in combination with link building is the success of an SEO landing page.

Our team is specialized in writing SEO texts especially for Google. For each keyword you want to be found we are going to write an SEO landing page which we will then support with link building. Ask for more info or a quote.

Is SEO copywriting important for your site?

Of course because SEO copywriting is a specialized form of online texts or articles that contain certain keywords. These are words that your target group or potential customers type into Google to find the information they are looking for.
Modern SEO copywriting

Modern SEO copywriting is writing content that convinces other people to find your page or article interesting, link or share it, this increases the confidence of your company and your website. This ensures a good ranking on certain keywords in Google. Thanks to blogging and social media platforms.

Want to learn more about the definition of SEO copywriting? Watch the video below.
The difference between SEO copywriting and traditional copywriting?

The main difference is: SEO copywriting contains keywords. For example, the key phrase of this page is “building a presbytery house” : https://www.gruwez.org/nl/pastorijhuis-pastrorijwoning-in-pastorijstijl

SEO Copywriting

Typing keywords in Google is something we do every day, right? We type words in Google to get answers to our questions or when we’re looking for certain products or services. But SEO copywriting is much more than just putting keywords in the content of a page. Google also wants authoritative content that fully meets the needs of your visitors and sets itself apart from competing content.

Some people think that by writing a lot of key phrases in the content you still get a high ranking but nothing could be further from the truth.
SEO copywriting is needed to score in Google

Google has gotten smarter, and everything changes all the time. Your content must be of high quality from now on if you want to get top positions in Google. Your content must be relevant and easy to read for your visitors. On the other hand, Google needs to understand the content that is written in a certain way. If Google can read your page well and the content is relevant and qualitative you can start competing with other websites!

What helps the content of your website in the search results?


There are many factors that influence your search engine rankings (how a page gets a position in Google’s organic search results). So one of the most important components is the quality of the content. The research, the words and the freshness of the content are all important to the online findability.

If your website or pages are not displayed on the first page of Google your content is outdated or your content is never optimized, if you want to generate visitors and revenue it’s time to have this done.

The good news is that with SEO copywriting we can solve this problem!

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Google receives over 3.3 billion searches every day, from people who want answers to questions and problems that they have. But rather than just any old answers search engines need to provide the most relevant, useful, and trustworthy answers. To do this they use spiders to crawl web pages and figure out what is each page is about and then rank them.

And that’s why having a good knowledge of SEO is crucial when it comes to copywriting for web pages and blog posts.