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Both to professional traders and private individuals, European Gold Standard can offer the sharpest gold and silver prices because of its unique position in the precious metals market. The European Gold Standard works closely together with a large distribution network of professional buyers. The advantage of this is that due to the large total volume they can buy and sell at the best gold and silver prices. Nowhere in Europe is the same quality offered at better prices. Do the test yourself. In addition, the extra service we offer is also interesting for most people. After all, our advisors personally bring the goods to your home. At that time you can also ask them any additional questions you may have regarding purchases of gold and silver. You do not pay any extra costs for this extra service. European Gold Standard considers service and quality very important. So buying gold or silver with only the lowest price is not the best choice in the long run. The after-sales service and any extra costs that some people charge are also important for you as a customer to look at.

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Sharp gold price and silver price – Quality – Minimum investment
The European Gold Standard wants to maintain and insure its position as a wholesaler with competitive prices. Because of this, they are forced to set a minimum total investment amount. The minimum total investment for purchases with physical delivery is set at 3.000 €. For lower investment amounts you can contact us via or possibly directly with your personal advisor. Exceptionally, for orders below 3.000 €, we can manually send you an order form via e-mail, which you can then send back to us signed. In addition, for orders above 5.000 € the transport and logistics costs are completely eliminated. For orders below 5.000 € 15 euro will be charged.

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Chart gold price and silver price
Under this paragraph you will find a link to a page where you can follow the gold price today and silver price today. There you can find today’s gold price per kilo, per gram. However, please make sure that when you see the price per gram or per kilo in this gold chart, this is the pure price of the raw material. When gold or silver products are delivered, there is always an additional toll. So the gold price per gram or gold price per kilo in gold bars, gold coins, silver bars or silver coins will always be a bit higher. The “gold price today” does an update in the chart every minute.

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