Plastic window frames before the winter begins

Are you planning on taking plastic window frames? Then you’d better get on with it now. Before you know it’s really winter and it’s wiser to get it sorted out before then. What’s the point? We’ll tell you!

There are more than one reason why you should have plastic kunststof raamkozijn. One of the most important reasons is probably that you can save a lot on your energy costs. There can be considerable savings every year. Of course, this is also a lot better for the environment, because there is much less co2 emission. Finally, it is very smart to take plastic window frames, because they are very easy to maintain. Wooden window frames need to be maintained once every few years, but with plastic window frames you can go on for at least ten to twenty-five years.
When to replace the window frames?

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Many people wonder when it is best to replace the window frames. Actually, it doesn’t really matter that much when you replace them, but it is recommended to think carefully about the period. For example, it may be wise not to replace your window frames in the middle of winter. Read more about this on our window frame replacement page.
Why not in the winter?

Replacing your window frames in the middle of winter can not be very practical in terms of weather conditions. After all, you do have a facade that needs to be left without windows for a while. If it snows or rains, this can be difficult when installing the new window frames. It also gets a lot colder in the house. This can be very annoying, especially in winter.

Also better for your energy bill

If you replace the window frames just before winter, you can immediately benefit from the energy costs. After all, in the winter months we turn on the heating. How nice is it if you can make a real difference to your energy bill in the coming winter?
Can plastic window frames be installed in the winter?

It is of course possible that you still want to have the plastic window frames installed in the winter. For example, just after moving house. It is of course always possible to do this in the winter. However, keep in mind that most construction companies are closed between Christmas and New Year. Also keep in mind that certain weather conditions can make the work a bit more difficult. However, it is usually no problem at all to move the plastic window frames. Plastic window frames before the winter starts? Order them on time!

Which company?

When you decide to install plastic window frames, you can request a quote and see what possibilities there are. A quotation can be requested without obligation.