High on Google with a blog page? Of course it is!

Want to get high on Google with your website? Of course you do, who doesn’t. If your Google ranking is high, you will also attract more visitors to your website. That in turn increases the chance of more sales. But how do you do that exactly?

High in Google with a blog page? What is a blog page then?

A blog page is a separate page on your website with different articles. These articles ensure that your target group will find you organically (without paying Google).

The articles or blogs you put on the blog page must have a link to your services or products. No direct link, because we are not going to sell on your blog page!

Your articles should be about problems your target group is experiencing and for which you have the solution. Or questions they have that you know the answers to.

The advantages of a blog page with blogs

You can find your target group

Your target group searches for one thing and another every day. And if they’re looking for something you know the answer to? And if you’ve written a blog about it, hopefully you’ll be at the top of Google so your target audience can read it.

Make sure you write good texts!

In a previous blog you read how to write a good blog.

At some point, when you have hundreds of blogs, they will see you more often and get to know you.

Hundreds of blogs? I have to come up with a new topic every week.

Yes, of course! But find out how easy it is to find blog topics.

When they get to know you, they look for you by name.

If they find out that you can answer their questions and that you explain it well, then your company name will become popular.

Why should they still search for the question and not just enter your website directly? Because you’re the one with a blog page where they can find everything! For every problem you have a solution and for every question you have an answer.

If you become popular and your name is regularly entered in Google, Google will notice it right away. He’s going to reward you and make sure your website ranking will automatically be high in Google. Google only wants good websites at the top, so let your competitor smell a pooie. ????

Increase your visitor numbers

And that’s how your visitor numbers are going to increase. Not bad, isn’t it, for a page you work on for an hour a week?

If your visitor numbers increase, then Google knows 100% sure it’s not a bad thing to place your website hoger in Google.

Do not ruin your SEO hey! So make sure you have quality blogs. SEO? What is that again? Here you discover it!

So here’s your ranking in Google to say ‘you’ to. Your website provides all the information your target group needs and you’ll get more leads in the long run.

Yes… in the longer term. It’s not a 1 2 3 solution. But the more blogs, the better!

Do you think: no no, it’s really not like that for me. Yuck writing! Besides, I’d rather spend my free time on something else. Ha ha, yeah everyone’s thing, right? But that’s why we’re here. Leave the dirty typing to us!